Coconut? Yes, please!

Everyone loves coconuts: coconuts are refreshing and healthy fruits but, opening them, can be stressful.

You surely tried to use screwdrivers, hammers and giant knives, someone probably used a saw too! All these methods, other than being unhygenic, are extremely dangerous, require enormous efforts and strength and can not be used in every situation.

Cococrack was born to address this problem. Learn how easy and  fun is enjoying a coconut thanks to this kitchen tool.

It’s Easy!
Noce di Cocco

Innovation Made in Italy

CocoCrack is a revolutionary Italian concept manufactured by highly qualified local factories. Idea, design and crafting are 100% Made in Italy. Cococrack is protected by two patents for inventions, while trademark and design are registered.

Construction Materials are hypoallergenic and safe, as required by Italian laws on food hygiene. No more homemade methods with bricolage tools that are unsafe, unhygenic that could cause problems in your daily cousine life.

CocoCrack was born from a simple idea which has been given an equally simple answer: How can i open a coconut safely, easly and quickly?

Two Tools…

Cococrack is composted of two different kitchen tools, purposely crafted for opening the hardest fruit of the world! 

Cococrack Opener breaks the coconut’s shell.

It’s really easy to use: you just need to insert the Cococrack Opener‘s tip inside the softer coconut’s eye and screw it like you would with a corkscrew.

This easy and quick operation breaks the shell and allows you to extract the coconut’s water and enjoy it’s delicious pulp.

Cocco aperto

… for a Unique Result!

Cococrack Cutter is the second tool of the Cococrack Kit.

Used as a can opener, it allows to cut the shell in smaller pieces in order to remove the pulp.

Thanks to Cococrack Kit, in small, simple steps, you will be able to savour the pleasure of sharing delicious coconuts pieces with friends and relatives.

How to open a Coconut in 3 simple steps

Before Cococrack, you had to give life to your wildest imagination to open a coconut efficiently, but it wasn’t safe or hygenic! Now, thanks to Cococrack this operation became easy and fun!

Noce di cocco spaventata dal Cococrack

Step 1

Find the coconut’s softest eye and insert Cococrack Opener.
Come aprire una noce di cocco con Cococrack

Step 2

Screw Cococrack Opener until the shell breaks.
Come aprire una noce di cocco con Cococrack

Step 3

Use Cococrack Cutter to cut the coconut in smaller pieces and extract its pulp.

You can finally enjoy your delicious, fresh and juicy coconut!

  • Cococrack kit e cocco da aprire

    Cococrack kit e cocco da aprire

  • Apertura Cocco con Cococrack Opener

    Apertura Cocco con Cococrack Opener

  • Apertura Cocco con Cococrack Opener

    Apertura Cocco con Cococrack Opener

  • Acqua Cocco

    Acqua Cocco aperto con Cococrack

  • Apertura Cocco con Cococrack Kit

    Apertura Cocco con Cococrack Kit

  • Cocco aperto con Cococrack

    Cocco aperto con Cococrack

  • Apertura Cocco con Cococrack Cutter

    Apertura Cocco con Cococrack Cutter

  • Cococrack Cutter

  • Piatto Cocco

    Piatto Cocco realizzato con Cococrack

Same Product, Different Colour

Cococrack is available in three different colours: Orange, Yellow and Green.



Cococrack is easy and funny for everyone to use and does not require physical or mental effort.


Cococrack is built with materials approved HACCP, it is aseptic and easy to wash.


Differently from traditional methods, Cococrack is totally safe: no more wounds or accidents!


Cococrack fastly fits any bag or purse! You will always be able to take it with you.

Cococrack kit Giallo

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